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Septic Tank Pumping

Johnson's Septic Service is the best business to empty your septic system's tank.

Johnson's Septic Services is a septic pumping, servicing, and inspection company in the Orlando, Florida, area. We are family owned and operated and are proud to serve our residential and commercial customers with excellent service.

When you contact Johnson's Septic Services, you will get a professional crew to handle your plumbing needs. You will be confident that you are reaching out to the best people for the job.

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Our Professional Septic


Septic Drainfield Repairs

Septic Drainfield Repairs

Critical Drainfield Improvement

Septic Tank Inspections

Septic Tank Inspections

Make Sure Your System Functions

Sump Pump Replacement

Sump Pump Replacement

New Sump, Better Pump

Septic Drainfield Installs

Septic Drainfield Installs

Installating a New Drainfield

State Septic Certifications

State Septic Certifications

No Red Tape Blocking Your Lines

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping

Tank Full? We Got It

Septic install

Perfect plumbing

At Johnson's Septic Services, we have a solution for all of your septic needs. Our commitment to top-notch service means expert troubleshooting that locates solutions to keep your septic system and drainfield in top condition. Let our experience work for you!

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  • Our field performance is what sets us apart. We work to earn your trust and we are constantly seeking your feedback because we can always do better.

  • We tailor our services to better serve your needs. Our offerings fit your operating conditions. Call us to discuss your how we can best serve you. We have the right solutions and our prices are competitive.

  • We serve with personnel that you can trust. Our  septic servicing professionals are the best in the Orlando area and you can be confident in the work we provide.

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At Johnson's Septic Services, we have a solution for all of your septic needs.  Our commitment to top-notch service means expert troubleshooting that locates solutions to keep your septic system and drainfield in top condition. We can service many plumbing issues, such as:

  • Septic Tank Pumping

  • Septic Drainfield Installs and Repairs

  • Septic Tank Inspections

  • State Certifications of Septic Systems

  • Sump Pump Replacement

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Septic Services

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Why choose Johnson’s Septic Services for your plumbing needs?

Johnson’s Septic Service, based here in Orlando, plumbs for clients in several counties throughout the region. We are the area’s most trusted name in septic services. Our team provides professional septic maintenance, unbeatable customer care, and pricing that can not be beat! Here at Johnson’s Septic Services, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our trained, competent team of plumbers will keep you, your home, or your commercial space drained and flowing! Septic drainage? Installation? We’ve got it. Whether you need a routine inspection or major drainfield repairs and septic certification, Johnson’s Septic Service is here to help. Our services are the absolute best and most trusted in the region. Our mission is to keep your septic system safe and functioning properly. We understand what a headache plumbing problems can be, so we are committed to quick and quality service. When you give us a call, you will be connected directly to our owner, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry.


How do we contact you?


There are multiple different ways you can contact us! For the most immediate attention call our number at (321) 231-1190, and we will answer and assist you right away. You can also go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab and fill out a form with any questions or concerns for us and we will email you back as soon as possible! There is another contact form on the right side of the page that says ‘Free Quote.’ You can fill this out and we will be in contact with a free price quote for your service. Contact us and you will receive the best customer service in the area!


How long do septic systems last?

 Septic systems are designed to provide long-term, effective treatment of household and commercial waste when operated and maintained properly. However, most systems that fail prematurely are due to improper maintenance. Less serious problems are usually with plumbing issues like pipe blockages. Sometimes, the septic tank, although durable, can deteriorate or have other structural problems. Johnson’s septic service is happy to solve any of these issues if they arise. The most serious septic problems are caused by a clogged drainfield. 


 What is the replacement or reserve area?


 This is an area that may be used for replacing or expanding the drainfield. It must meet the same criteria, such as acceptable soils, setbacks, etc., as a regular drainfield and should be protected in the same way. 


How do I know my septic system is in good working order?


A septic system evaluation can be performed by a septic system professional. Some health departments and districts can perform this service, usually for a fee. Contact your local health department or district for more information. 


What happens when a septic system fails? How can I tell? 

Usually, when a septic system fails, the drainfield is not functioning properly. When a septic tank overflows, the effluent (waste water in the system) can pass to the drainfield, clogging up the pipes. This causes sinks and toilets to back up in the house. Other signs include: slow draining toilets and drains, an odor of sewage, or a wet area on or near the drainfield.


How can I prevent a septic failure?

 Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! If your system has been properly designed, sited, and installed, the rest is up to you. Inspect your system annually and pump as needed (usually every 3-5 years), avoid excess water use, and watch what you put down the drain and flush down the toilet. For additional information, contact Johnson’s Septic Service and find out what we can do for you. 


Can my septic system contaminate nearby streams and water bodies? 


Yes, particularly if the effluent is not adequately treated, as in a failing system. Untreated effluent is a health hazard and can cause many human diseases. Once this untreated effluent enters the groundwater, you and your neighbor’s wells can be contaminated. Also, if this sewage reaches nearby streams or water bodies, shellfish beds and recreational swimming areas may also be jeopardized. Like all good floridians, we know how important clean water is to our communities and strive to make sure your septic system is safe and reliable. 

 Why is water conservation important?

 Septic tanks are mainly settling chambers. They allow time for solids and scum to separate out from wastewater, so clear liquid can safely go to the drainfield. Over time, the scum and sludge layers get thicker, leaving less space and time for the waste-water to settle before passing to the drainfield. There are limits to the amount of water septic systems can treat. For every gallon entering the tank, one gallon is pushed out. In some cases, excess water may back up into your house or overload the drainfield and surface in the yard. Large volumes of water in short periods of time may also not allow solids enough time to settle, and may be carried out to the drainfield, ultimately clogging the pipes. If this has happened in your home or commercial building, contact us to have it fixed as quickly as possible.


 I’ve heard I shouldn’t use a garbage disposal. Why is that?

 Garbage disposals have a dramatic impact on how often you’ll need to pump your septic tank. Food particles usually are not digested by the bacteria and accumulate as scum. If a large amount of water enters the tank, it can then push the food particles into the drainfield, causing clogging. If you must use a garbage disposal, your tank will need to be pumped more frequently. Disposals are an especially handy tool in the home kitchen, so it is important to us that our residential customers  get timely and reliable service.


Should I be careful of what I pour down the drain?

Yes, many materials that are poured down the drain do not decompose and remain in the tank. In addition to minimal use of a garbage disposal (see question above), don’t pour grease, fats, and oils down the drain or place coffee grounds and egg shells in the disposal or down the drain. Keep chemicals out of your system. If many contaminants are in your septic system, call us to have it fixed.


 What shouldn’t I flush down the toilet?

 Flush only human waste and toilet paper down the toilet—avoid flushing dental floss, cat litter (including “flushable” varieties), hair, Kleenex, cigarette butts, cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, condoms, paper towels, static cling sheets, diapers, and disposable wipes. These items could clog your septic system components and cause a failure.

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